William Hill

Computer Science Student

I am a highly motivated, top performing individual whose strength lies in the fields of mathematics, computer science and information technology.

Aside from a natural affinity with these subjects, I have a passion for the development and creation of software solutions, including complex issues and new ideas. It is in these fields that I have always excelled, yielding results that demonstrates this drive, in order to achieve outstanding results. I am confident that with my academic record, professional and personal goals, strong leadership skills, integrity and a moral work ethic, I will not only fulfil my responsibilities, but also go beyond what is expected of me.

In my chosen career of Computer Science, being analytical and having the ability to solve complex problems in imaginative and innovative ways is, to me, the pinnacle of the requirements for success: to be fair, just and trustworthy – which are garnered by my strong personal values and polite, well-mannered nature – with the ability to listen and simply work as a unit, in order to flourish.

One of my main objectives is to be amongst future leaders, who will determine industry, in years to come.


BSc Computer Science

University of the Witwatersrand
2019 - current
I am currently in my second year of a three-year degree and intend to complete my honours in 2022

National Senior Certificate

Reddam House College
2014 - 2018

Honours and Awards

Outstanding Achievement Award

IEB: Independent Examinations Board
Achieved a ranking in the top 1% of candidates nationally

Dux Scholar

Reddam House College
Highest-ranking academic student in Grade 12, with honours and a 94% average

Head Boy

Reddam House College
2017 - 2018
Headed up the student executive body of 2018

Professional Skills

Top Skills



Application Development
C++ is an intermediate-end, object-oriented programming language with both high- and low-level control over various processes, which is primarily used for the development of system and application software


Appication Development and Scripting
Python is a high-level, dynamic programming language that is mainly used for application development and server-side scripting of webpages

Web Development

Front end
Front-end Web Development is the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to design functional websites with which users directly interact in an effecient and simple manner, allowing the user to have the best possible experience

Other Skills

Cyber Security HTML5 CSS3 SCSS Mobile Applications
Git Competitive Programming Bootstrap Java Swift




Google Hashcode

Placed: 20th nationally
The international competition involved solving and optimising a problem previously encountered by Google engineers

SanRen Cyber Security Challenge Finals

Decemeber 2019
Placed: Hash Challenge Winner
Hosted by the Birthwood Hotel and NICIS, we cracked the most hashes, of various complexities, within the given timeframe

ACM ICPC Regional Qualifiers

October 2019
Placed: 6th
ACM ICPC was a competitive programming competition, where we had to solve various programming problems according to certain constraints

Standard Bank ICT Qualifiers

May 2019
Placed: 6th
Standard Bank ICT was a competitive programming competition, where we had to solve various programming problems according to certain constraints

Get in Touch

Although I am studying full-time at Wits, I thrive on being busy and spend a lot of time teaching myself new computer skills. I am, therefore, in a position to accept freelance work.

I can assist with the following:

  • App development
  • Front-end Web development

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